Boots that are stylish and durable, while also packing all of the comfort and support that you need

Boots have always been a great option when we want to protect our feet from the environment. They are an excellent option for working outdoors, for being on your feet for long periods of time while indoors and every activity in between.

They are going to protect your feet from bad weather as they will wick off moisture and prevent rainwater from getting through to your socks and feet, will not get caught in dense bushes or weeds, will allow you to power through mud and will protect your feet from falling objects as well. But while boots are durable on the outside, in many instances they do not provide the right levels of support for your individual feet. Long hours spent wearing these boots can lead to pain and discomfort, as well as a range of health issues that can extend through your entire body. Which is why the Homyped range is the ideal option for hard-working women, with all of the right support and features tailored to your needs.

What are the risks of wearing ill-fitting boots?

Poorly fitted boots can lead to many issues, including corns, bunions, ingrown toenails and general wear and tear. Many boots don't factor in the shape of a woman's foot, the width, the arch. That means you are not getting the right support and these boots can jam up your foot and cause a lot of pain. Over long periods of time, this can extend through the body and you can experience injuries like shin splints, lower back complaints and Achilles tendon pain. It can impact your posture and it can also damage your mental health as long hours on tired, hurting feet, legs and backs is no fun for anyone. 

When you have flat feet, a pair of shoes that fits well will help. As with other types of garment, when shoes are not fitted to the shape and condition of the foot, they will exacerbate your level of discomfort and pain symptoms rather than help them. It is critical that your arches are well-supported if you want to avoid causing further physical pain, such as knee pain caused by overpronation (rolling ankles). In fact, flat feet can cause pain in your calves, hips and lower back too, making it essential for you to support your arches to prevent further problems from arising. 

The key benefits that Homyped women's boots deliver

Width tags: All of our women’s boots have different measurements for length AND width. That way you can ensure the boot fits your correctly and doesn’t constrict you or jam up your toes. 

Footbed technology: We map the contours of your foot and ensure you have the sole that suits, with support, applied to the correct areas. 

Plus a range of individual technologies and innovations throughout the shoe to provide all of the right support for you.


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    • Anti Fatigue
    • Engineered Grip
    • Vari-fit
    • Heel Spur Relief
    • Heel Stability
    • Improved Posture
    • Orthotic Friendly
    • Shock Absorbing
    • Wiggle Room

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