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Wellness Categories

Your foot health plays an important part in your overall health, so we have developed three wellness categories to help you identify and communicate which footwear styles align with common foot conditions, such as Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Heel Spurs and so forth. Our icon library also explains the key features and benefits designed into each shoe.

wide shoes

Width fittings

Each Homyped shoe is designed to fit a specific width profile meaning that each shoe has its own width fitting. Our width fitting profiles start from a narrow fit through to XXX wide; simply look out for letters C (narrow) through to EEE (XXX wide).


footbed Technology

Homyped has a variety of footbed designs that are designed to suit the unique characteristics of your foot. You will find superior underfoot cushioning offering relief from pressure and fatigue; to higher arch support and deeper heel cup offering optimal stability and balance for a natural forward movement.

comfort shoes

Features & Benefits

From the footbed to the sole, Homyped shoes are carefully engineered to provide the very best support for improved balance and stability. You will see key technologies such as heel spur relief pods in our soles and shock absorbing channels to heel stabilisers and anti-twist engineering to help minimise the risk of slips, trip and falls.

vari fit insole

Vari-fit Innersole

Selected Homyped shoes now come with wider appeal, thanks to our Vari-fit innersole. This is great for those who need a little less depth or width. Simply slip the Vari-fit innersole under the existing footbed to create a more snug fit, or leave the Vari-fit innersole out of the shoe for more width and depth.

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