At Homyped, we believe that what’s good for your feet is good for your health! Feet are the foundation for life and we understand that foot health directly impacts your overall wellbeing.

We have been designing footwear in Australia since 1969, making us an original orthopaedic comfort shoe specialist. Our focus has always remained the same – helping more Australian’s understand and realise the benefits of healthier feet. That’s why each of our shoes has an array of features and benefits engineered to help provide the very best comfort, support and stability – from pressure relieving linings that maximise your comfort experience, to advanced engineering that improves your balance and posture.

It’s never too early or too late in life to start caring for your feet. We want to improve lives by inspiring and enabling more people to move easier every day and once you have worn a pair of Homyped shoes, you will truly feel the difference!



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