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Each pair of Homyped shoes is designed and engineered with passion! Everyone’s feet are different, but we know that wearing properly fitted shoes is an important part of foot health. Our feet carry us around every day and when under undue pressure, fatigue or pain can impact our lower joints and muscles. At Homyped, we design with your whole kinetic chain in mind.

From the footbed to the sole, our shoes are designed using the highest quality materials, ensuring that every time you sink your feet into a pair of Homyped shoes they feel cushioned, comfortable and protected.

We collaborate with allied health professionals and industry experts, such as podiatrists, to ensure that our footwear is engineered to the highest standards. We want to give you the confidence, support and relief in every step, so we take inspiration from global trends in fashion and comfort technology to bring to you a beautiful range of wearable shoes for all occasions.  



We are always looking for new ways to provide a great comfort experience. From easy entry and adjustable fastenings, targeted cushioning and relief zones to pressure relieving linings & shock absorbing soles with grip…We are always seeking ways to provide you the very best footwear to improve your foot health and overall wellbeing.




Let’s go on a journey to find out more about the homyped difference.

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Momentum Footbed_Contour_PurpleBackground H Metatarsal support and plantar cushion for pressure reduction H Higher arch support helps re-align foot to its natural position H Deeper heel cup to cradle & stabilise heel H Dual density for soft cushioning at the front & stiffer at the heel for stability H Full length insole cushion for added comfort H Torsion control shank minimises sideways twisting H Stable bottom is engineered to provide durability & grip
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