Homyped® has been providing Australian women with comfortable shoes for over 45 years. We understand Australian women lead multifaceted lifestyles and wearing suitable footwear is essential to getting the most out of their day.

We recognise that style, comfort and support are at the heart of a shoe’s appeal which is why we are Australia’s leading womens comfort footwear brand.

Once you have worn a pair of homyped shoes you will join a loyal family of advocates who trust our brand and who have come to love our shoes. When you purchase homyped shoes, you can be confident that we’ve thought about your total kinetic chain. We understand that you need shoes that interact with your ankles, knees, hips and spine to get you through your day.

“Loving my homypeds“ is not an idle claim, it’s a way of life. Comfort is our business, as it has been for over 45 years.