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At Homyped®, we understand that comfortable feet make a difference to your day. Our shoes are designed to deliver maximum support for all types of feet.
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Width Fittings

Find your perfect fit; each shoe comes in its own width fitting.

Our women’s styles come in:
C+, D and E fittings.

Our men’s styles come in:
E and EE fittings.

Welcome to Homyped, your trusted choice for orthopaedic shoes

Welcome to Homyped, your online shoe store where style meets comfort and support. At Homyped we know that comfortable, well-made shoes not only feel good but can look good too! We are committed to helping you find the right solution for your feet.

At Homyped®, we understand those comfortable feet make a big difference to your day. Our shoes are designed to deliver the right kind of support for all types of feet. We have a wide range of designs, sizes and options to meet your needs and preferences. As one of Australia’s leading orthopedic shoe brands, it is important to us that you get to benefit from shoes that stabilise your feet, provide and necessary arch support, and ensure a better foot posture. Our shoes do their work so that you can get on happily with yours.

What are orthopaedic shoes and why should you wear them?

Orthopaedic shoes are carefully designed to help the foot move and function in the way that it is meant to. They are different to everyday footwear as they are specifically designed to provide medical benefits to keep your feet healthy, or to help them return to good health if needed.

Orthopaedic shoes support the structure of the foot, ankle and leg, allowing them to move and work in the way that they are meant to. The average person walks up to 128,000 kilometers in their lifetime - or three laps around the world! We know what can happen if shoes do not fit properly or do not offer the necessary support to this hard-working part of your body. Whatever it is that you need, Homyped® has the right shoes for you. These include shoes that are designed for:

  • feet that are tired of being squashed into narrow shoes
  • feet that need additional arch support or more space for high arches
  • feet that need cushioning and pressure relief, e.g. due to plantar fasciitis
  • toes that need some extra attention and care due to bunions or arthritis.

Around 40 percent of Australians will experience some form of foot condition according to the Australian Podiatry Association. Left untreated these conditions can cause unnecessary discomfort and pain, potentially leading to more serious problems in other parts of the body, such as the knees and back.

Homyped® - your one-stop healthy foot store

Homyped® has been designing shoes in Australia for over 50 years and each shoe is designed to provide better health and freedom from the pain associated with common foot conditions. We passionately engineer footwear in collaboration with allied health professionals and want to help you find your perfect pair!

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