Orthotic thongs that will protect your feet so you can wear them more often

Thongs are a great Australian tradition. They date back to Ancient Egypt and have been an enormously popular option Down Under because they are easy, breezy and a great way to cover the sole of your foot while still feeling mostly like you are barefoot.

Aside from a little bit of sunburn on the top of the foot or the dreaded blowout, there can't be any risks in wearing them, can there? Unfortunately, when it comes to stable footwear, the humble thongs are probably the poorest option on the market.

They offer almost nothing in support when it comes to your heel and arches which can cause plenty of stress and pressure that leads to pain, damage to tendons, stress fractures and conditions like plantar fascia which can potentially get you off your feet for an extended period of time.


Even when you only wear thongs for short periods each week you can damage your feet which takes the shine off their appeal a little bit. 

Thanks to Homyped there are thong options that will support your feet 

The Homyped range of thongs has been specifically engineered to meet the (literal) pain points the ordinary thong challenges us with. All of our thongs include: 

  • Footbed technologies: Maximum support tailored to your sole with metatarsal support, a stabilising heel cup, high arch support and a plantar cushion at the front. These are designed to match your foot type, align your feet and provide proper support for your individual arches.
  • Anti-fatigue technology: Did you know that poorly fitting shoes can lead to fatigue? All of our solutions have been designed to help reduce fatigue in your feet and legs.
  • Extra grip: Thongs and slippery surfaces are not a good combination, but our range has an extra grip to ensure you stay on your feet in slippery conditions.
  • Greater durability: Thongs generally are not known for their ability to last the distance, but our range has been designed to be durable and outlast traditional pluggers. 

Browse our range of thongs today and enjoy the extra support and health features 


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