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Our new, trending shoes are so superior in comfort, you'll want to know how we make them so stylish! .

Choosing a pair of from our new range of shoes doesn’t mean having to make a choice between style and comfort! Homeyped’s superior level of comfort technology has been expertly combined with the latest seasonal stylish looks so that you can enjoy both at once!

We know what our customers are looking for in a new pair of shoes. Comfort and good looks are essential factors to consider when making a purchasing commitment. Homeyped combines the same smart comfort technology with every new design in our range, to ensure that our customers remain satisfied with our products. Whether you are looking for a new pair of slip-ons, boots, lace-ups, slippers or heels, Homeyped has exactly the look you want with the same, top-of-the-range comfort that you need. 

When you want the latest in trending footwear with serious comfort, you require the superior quality and design of Homeyped footwear.

Homeyped understands comfort and style. Our shoes come in all of the latest trends and styles, without compromising on comfort and wearability. Using special footbed technology, our shoes are designed to support your arches, forefoot and heels to ensure that you love wearing your new shoes as much as you love looking at them! 

Homeyped’s full range of new shoes has been designed specifically to relieve the fatigue and pressure that comes from being on your feet. You won’t believe how much better your feet feel after a day out when you wear Homeyped! We also have selected styles that are engineered with added technology to maximise your balance and stability and reduce the risk of falls. What’s more, our shoes are designed with a deeper toe to provide wriggle room and have soles that are engineered with materials that provide grip and durability. There’s so much to love about your stylish new pair of Homeyped shoes!  

Our range of new shoes has everything you need in style and comfort.

  • Special footbed technology
  • Orthotic friendly
  • Arch support
  • Foot and ankle alignment
  • Rigid heels to assist in providing balance and stability
  • Soles engineered with materials that provide durability and grip
  • Ample width and comfort for toes 

We know that you are not going to want to wear anything else once you’ve worn Homeyped. Our current range of trendy new shoes has all of the comfort features that need in the stylish, seasonal looks that you want! 

Do you want style and comfort? Homeyped has got exactly what you need! 

You no longer have to one over the other, because Homeyped offers you style and comfort in every pair of shoes. With Homeyped, you can look forward with pleasure to being on your feet and participating in the best things that life has to offer. That’s the difference that a pair of Homeyped shoes make. 

Don’t waste your money on shoes that don’t live up to your expectations. Buy something from Homeyped’s new range of trending shoes and you’ll be able to experience the difference for yourself. Shop online or instore today! 

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  1. JERICO Cheetah
    • Anti Fatigue
    • Engineered Grip
    • Heel Stability
    • Improved Posture
    • Orthotic Friendly
    • Shock Absorbing

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