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Support & Protection

Support & Protection

Selected Homyped styles are designed with advanced engineering to provide care, support, protection and relief from ongoing health conditions.

Our shoes provide the arch support and protection your flat feet badly want, so you need to see our remarkable range of orthopedic shoes today.

Flat feet can cause a tremendous amount of pain over time. Not only to the soles of the foot, but also to the knees and legs. It’s important to support your foot health by supporting your foot arches. Thankfully, Homyped uses the latest footwear technology in our innovative orthopedic shoes, so that you can benefit whenever you wear them.

Our fantastic range of men’s and women’s footwear sports the very latest in footwear technology, to assist you in getting relief from painful feet conditions such as flat arches. Our shoes are all podiatrist orthotics friendly, allowing you to remove or add the innersoles of the shoe to accommodate them. The great news is that with every pair of Homyped shoes, you are not just going to be getting relief from one cause of foot-pain: our shoes are made to relieve a wide range of foot conditions, so you’ll get relief from them too! .

If you want relief from pain caused by flat feet, look no further! Our superior quality orthopedic footwear offers all the support your feet require.

Getting relief from flat feet is as simple as wearing a pair of Homyped shoes for arch support. We consult with allied health professionals such as podiatrists to design and engineer orthopedic shoes that give your arches the support they badly need. Every pair of Homyped shoes also comes with other built in features to help your foot health to start to improve from the moment you put them on.


When you have flat feet, a pair of shoes that fits well will help. As with other types of garment, when shoes are not fitted to the shape and condition of the foot, they will exacerbate your level of discomfort and pain symptoms rather than help them. It is critical that your arches are well-supported if you want to avoid causing further physical pain, such as knee pain caused by overpronation (rolling ankles). In fact, flat feet can cause pain in your calves, hips and lower back too, making it essential for you to support your arches to prevent further problems from arising.


Our remarkable range of men’s and women’s orthopedic footwear will help to relieve pain caused by flat feet, as well as supporting and comforting your feet across a range of foot conditions, inclusive of


  • Diabetes affected feet
  • Heel spurs
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Swollen feet
  • Bunions


Our shoes incorporate the latest footwear technology, including


  • Removable footbed to allow shoes to be worn with or without orthotics
  • 360 degrees padding
  • Relief zones in footbed to relieve heel strain
  • Rigid rear part and wide soles for increased balance and stability
  • Footbed technology to relieve feet from specific conditions 

Our wide range of orthopedic shoes will provide you with plenty of choices regarding style and fit. When it comes to supporting and protecting the body from pain and complications stemming from flat feet, Homyped’s quality and innovation in foot health make it the superior choice. 

You don’t want to suffer from pain caused by flat feet! Let Homyped’s exceptional range of orthopedic shoes give your arches the support, comfort and relieve your feet need.

Homyped’s incomparable quality and innovation make it your first choice for genuine and effective orthopedic shoes. There is no need to suffer from pain caused by flat feet when you have access to our exceptional range of men’s and women’s shoes. We have many amazing styles to suit all occasions and foot conditions. 

Don’t suffer through another day of foot pain! Shop our range of orthopedic shoes online or instore at one of our amazing stockists. If you require any help or advice in finding shoes that will support your arches, our friendly Customer Care Team are always happy to assist you.


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