Homyped Shoe Care Tips


Homyped footwear is crafted from premium materials for uncompromised comfort and durability. Our tips and cleaning advice below will help you care for your shoes, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Caring For Your Leather Shoes

  • Ensure that your shoes are clean. For day-to-day wear, a damp cloth is usually enough to remove dirt. For heavy dirt or mud, use a shoe brush or dry sponge first to dislodge debris, then use a damp cloth.
  • Once clean, you can preserve, clean, and keep leather soft and nourished with our Homyped Conditioner Cream. (HERE) Using a clean dry cloth, smooth a moderate layer of the cream over the shoe. Ensure thorough coverage. Rub it in, then wipe off the surplus.
  • Our Conditioner Cream is neutral in colour and can be used on grained leather shoes, garments, handbags, accessories, and even patent leather, smooth imitation leather and synthetic materials. Using a clean dry cloth smooth a moderate layer of the cream over the shoe. Polish lightly for a gentle shine.
  • For extra shine, you can use our Homyped Instant Shine Polish, (HERE) a convenient shoe shine sponge suitable for smooth leather and smooth synthetic footwear in all colours. This sponge is neutral in colour, and cleans and shines in one easy application leaving a high shine finish.
  • Never machine wash your footwear as this will damage materials and adhesives


Non-Leather Shoes & Sandals

  • For best results, use our Homyped Eco Protector Spray (HERE), which can be used on leather, fabric, suede and nubuck. This spray will preserve and protect against dirt and spills, while still allowing leather to breathe.
  • For light cleaning, use a shoe brush or dry sponge to dislodge dirt and debris.
  • If shoes require further cleaning, use a warm soap & water solution or suede shampoo. Rinse shoes, but avoid saturation.
  • Dry in a warm protected place.

Storing Your Shoes

  • It is best to store your shoes in their shoe box – if space permits.
  • To preserve their shape and protect leather, do not stack shoes directly on top of each other.
  • Avoid leaving shoes outside as weather will cause materials to dry out & deteriorate.
  • When travelling, place shoes in a shoe bag to protect them inside your luggage.
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