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At homyped we understand that comfortable footwear makes a difference to your day. With a health and wellbeing heritage, since 1969 every shoe has been designed in Australia to provide comfortable shoes for women. With years of experience, knowledge and using innovative bio-mechanical features, homyped shoes are built on a proud legacy to deliver maximum support for all types of feet. Whether you are after comfortable shoes for walking, traveling, working or just relaxing at home we have a range of styles that feel like they were made just for you!

Our shoes all have a unique anatomically designed footbed that provides superior underfoot cushioning and support. The arch and metatarsal support encourages good posture, whilst the ergonomic deep heel cup gives you a firm hold to reassure stability in every step. As a result our footbed helps realign your feet to their natural position and allows you to move with ease throughout the day. Other great features found in our footwear include the customised fitting for an orthotic insert, a range of width fittings, multi adjustability options and many more innovative features.

The homyped® Difference are our technological features and benefits inherent in every shoe. You will find features such as a customised fitting to allow for an orthotic insert, multi adjustability options, width fittings and many more great attributes. To help identify these great attributes we have designed a set of icons to assist you when finding the right style to suit your needs.

View our extensive collection of comfortable shoes for women including; Flats, Sandals, Heels, Work Day, Diabetes, Natural Balance and Relax categories.

'Loving my homypeds' is a statement that drives our vision and passion to being Australia’s destination to provide comfortable shoes for women.

Loving my homypeds

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Women's Conversion Chart

Homyped offer women's styles in full and half sizes US 5-11.
This size chart is to be used as a guide only, shoe sizes can vary between brands.

Homyped Sizes UK Sizes Euro Sizes
5 3 35
6 4 36.5
7 5 38
8 6 39
9 7 40
10 8 41.5
10½ 42
11 9 43

Fitting Chart

Our women’s styles come in: C, C+, D and E fittings.
Our men’s styles come in: EE and EEE fittings.
Please refer to individual style for fitting details.

C Medium
C+ Medium - Wide
D Wide
D+ 2x Wide
E Extra Wide
EE 2x Extra Wide
EEE 3x Extra Wide