Smarter Shoes For Better Health

At Homyped, we understand that comfortable feet make a difference to your day. Our shoes are designed to deliver maximum support for all types of feet.

The foundation of comfort

Footbed Technology

Homyped has a variety of footbeds designed to suit the unique characteristics of your foot.
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HomyPed footbed technology

A New Way To Shop

Our 3 new wellness categories help identify footwear that aligns with common foot conditions.

    Pressure Relief

    Every single Homyped shoe is designed to relieve pressure and fatigue to provide all day comfort and improved health.
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    Alignment & Stability

    Selected styles are engineered with added technology to maximise balance and stabilty, realign the foot and minimise risk of falls.
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    Support & Protection

    Selected styles are designed with advanced engineering to provide care, support and protection from ongoing health conditions such as Diabetes and Osteoarthritis.
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Specialised Footwear For Feet That Need Extra Care

Our Diabetic Friendly styles are endorsed by The Australian Podiatry Association.
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Width Fittings

Find your perfect fit; each shoe comes in its own width fitting.

Our women’s styles come in:
C, C+, D and E fittings.

Our men’s styles come in:
EE and EEE fittings.

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