Slippers that offer the full range of health benefits (and that extra comfort on a cold winter's night)

Who doesn't love the warmth of a comfy pair of slippers on a cold night? This fluffy footwear is the perfect companion at home after a big day and helps us relax and unwind during the night time hours.

Slippers are also really good for you, because they help prevent the spread of communicable foot diseases like athlete's foot and fungus infections. By wearing them in high traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom and toilet - spaces where we often walk bare feet - we are protecting ourselves from these nasties that can creep in our homes. But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Wearing slippers all the time can lead to problems with our feet as the pressure is redistributed across them. There is more pressure on the toes and less pressure on other areas which can lead to injuries in your feet and legs when you swap them for regular shoes. This is why Homyped slippers are the perfect option for comfort and healthy levels of support. ;

Sandals are comfortable and they breathe which makes them seem like good options, but there is little side-to-side stability so you foot is rocking across the width of the sandal while you walk and putting pressure on the sides of each foot. These options will also shift the weight of your foot forward onto the ball naturally, which can lead to pain and inflammation and even stress fractures which will make it very difficult to walk at all. 

The Homyped range of slippers has plenty of extra health features 

To help prevent injuries and foot soreness being caused by your slippers, we have engineered options that will provide your feet with the proper support as well as all the comfort you have come to love and expect. 

Beneath the fluffy and comfy exterior of our range of slippers you will find: 

  • Footbed technology that is mapped to the shape of your sole, spreading the cushioning and pressure to match your feet
  • Width measurements to ensure that the slippers fit you correctly and won't restrict your feet, especially at the toes
  • A range of other health benefits that will ensure your feet are properly stabilised 

Browse our range today to find the right slippers for you with all of the health benefits you deserve 

We have sandal style slippers, fully enclosed slipper shoes, lined slipper options and ones with straps as well. These are available across a wide range of colours and patterns as well so you can get the best option for your personality as well. 

Keep your feet safe and comfortable by choosing Homyped sandals and definitely check out the rest of our range for different activities.


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