Heels with all of the features and technologies to prevent injuries and provide the best fit and comfort.

High heels are well known to look great but provide very little in the way of support for your feet, so they are usually left as a special occasion item. But there are other heels available that look great as well, with flatter and wider wedges that allow for a little bit more support.

But these options can still cause a raft of health problems over a period of time because they are not providing the right cushioning, support and benefits that specialised shoes will. 

Some of the health issues that heels can cause 

When you are regularly walking, staying on your feet, working or being active on heels without the proper support you are opening yourself up to a raft of painful injuries and conditions. Corns, bunions and ingrown toenails can be extremely uncomfortable and long-term use of ill-fitting shoes can also lead to even worse medical conditions. 

You can experience torn ligaments, knee and hips injuries, lower back pain and poor posture problems that can really impact your quality of life and can take a long time to recover from. That is why it is essential to wear correctly fitting shoes with all of the right cushioning and support. 

Does that mean I have to quit wearing heels?

Absolutely not. Homyped has engineered a range of heels that are stylish and fashionable while also boasting all of the technologies required to ensure that your feet are looked after and supported. These features include: 

  • Adjustable features
  • Anti-fatigue technologies
  • Engineered grips
  • Heel stability
  • Improvement in posture through proper support
  • Shock absorbing technology to avoid injuries caused by impact and stress
  • Target cushioning
  • Footbed technology to ensure the sole is mapped to your foot
  • Width tabs so you can get the right fit for you 

Take at a look at the Homyped heels range today and you will find a style that suits you and a fit that is perfect - just for you. Our technologies will ensure that you are getting a pair of shoes that have been tailor-made just for you, shaped for the length and width of your feet, molded to your sole with support for your arches that provide benefits for your foot health and overall health as well.


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