Flats with all the right support and technology to give you the support you need

When it comes to all-round comfort and support, flat shoes are the best and most practical option for women.

The lack of a heel or a wedge allows for weight to be evenly distributed across the soles which provide comfort, improved mobility and less fatigue from using certain muscles to walk which is the case with heels and other footwear. The problems are most flat shoes are born equal, but women's feet are not. Every woman has a different arch, a different weight, a different sized foot which means not every pair of flats is going to provide the right levels of support. 

Injuries and conditions caused by flats that don't fit

The primary issue with flats is that we all have different shaped soles with different arches across the bottom of our foot. A purely flat surface may be initially comfortable but it can cause major problems by not providing the right support. That can pave the way for conditions including: 

  • Plantar fasciitis: A painful inflammation of the fascia which runs down the entire length of the foot
  • Torn tendons: Extended use can lead to more than just pain, with torn tendons rendering you incapacitated until they are properly repaired
  • Ingrown toenails: Flats that are not wide enough, especially at the toe, can lead to ingrown toenails which can escalate to infections
  • Spinal problems: Long-term use of generic flats can cause misalignment which can lead to spinal issues as well as knee and hip pains and injuries. 

Get the flats with all the built-in support you need from Homyped 

It is not just serious injuries you have to worry about with ill-fitting flats. You run the risk of corns and bunions and your posture can become poor, they are just not a great option for long periods of time spent on your feet or being active. 

The Homyped range is tailored specifically to your feet so you are getting the right support. We don't just measure by length, we measure by width so you know it is going to be the perfect fit. And our soles are mapped to the shape of your feet to give you all of the right support. 

Our flats are durable and stylish as well so you get the full suite of benefits.


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