Design Approach


Designed and engineered in Australia all homyped products are thoroughly tested to meet Australian footwear standards and to provide comfortable, versatile footwear for our customers.

Designed for Comfort

We take comfort very seriously at homyped. When building each new range, we consider the comfort and support needs of our customers – as well as their desire for style and quality.

At homyped, we are always looking for new ways to provide a great comfort experience in our shoes. From easy entry fastenings, to pressure relieving linings, lightweight soles with engineered grip and so much more – we never stop searching for the best possible comfort we can offer to our customers.

Our shoes all have a unique anatomically designed footbed that provides superior underfoot cushioning and support. The arch and metatarsal support encourages good posture, whilst the ergonomic deep heel cup gives you a firm hold to reassure stability in every step.

As a result our footbed helps realign your feet to their natural position and allows you to move with ease throughout the day. Other great features found in our footwear include the customised fitting for an orthotic insert, a range of width fittings, multi adjustability options and many more innovative features.

Did you know that all homyped styles are designed and engineered here in Australia, to Australian standards of fit & quality? We watch global trends in fashion, comfort and wearable technology to bring comfort, versatility and style to the Australian customer. Additionally, collaboration with industry experts such as podiatrists also ensures that homyped footwear continues to provide a high standard of comfort and support to its customers.



Built to last

Bringing such comfort and style to life requires a balance of expert engineering, quality of materials and relentless attention to fit!

When designing any new homyped shoe, we start with the last. The “last” is the solid form which gives a shoe its shape. Before we start to build a new last, we need to consider the width fitting, heel height and toe shape. A well built last will ensure a comfortable fitting, proper support of the foot and ample wriggle room to allow feet to walk, stand and relax in perfect comfort.

Only once we get the last shape & fitting right, can we move on to the fun part of upper styling, materials and colour!

Developing a new range

We start working on each new range 10 months before it actually arrives in store! That sounds like a long time, but for us, that time flies!

The range design journey starts with a review of footwear styling & colour trends as well as a look at the latest developments in comfort & technical innovations. We draw inspiration from the global market place for fresh new upper styling, details and colour.

Additionally, an up-to-date understanding of our customer and her lifestyle ensures that each new range is full of styles that will surprise and delight the homyped customer.


Momentum Footbed

At the foundation of the homyped comfort and support story is our anatomically contoured footbed.

The most enhanced version of this is our Momentum footbed, which features an arch support engineered to podiatry standards, concave heel seat that cradles and stabilises the heel, metatarsal support and plantar cushion, plus dual density materials that provide both cushioning to the forepart and a stiffer heel area that improves stability.

The combined effect of these features help to lift the arch of your foot into its natural position and re align feet and legs for improved posture & mobility.


Our most recent innovation is the Bodymetrics system.

Styles that feature this system are engineered to provide premium comfort, support & stability by way of the unique Torsion plate stability shank, 360 degree antimicrobial linings and lightweight, highly responsive soles.

Loving the Style Loving the Comfort Loving the Support

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