You don't want to compromise on style or support, and with Homeyped men's thongs, you won't be required to choose between them!

Thongs are the ultimate summer shoe choice. They’re great for the beach, the movies, to go to a barbeque or simply just hang out. We love them because they are super cool and extremely easy to wear.

Just slip them onto your bare feet and you can go almost anywhere, anytime. However, for many people wearing a pair of thongs isn’t an option, because most thongs simply don’t provide enough support for our feet.

Fortunately, Homeyped has come up with a superior design that will ensure that your new pair of thongs look exactly as you would want them to, and that are comfortable and supportive as well. We have used the latest in Footbed technology to design our thongs, making them more supportive of your foot alignment and arches, which means you will be able to wear your Homeyped thongs for longer. This means that you’ll be able to keep your feet cool and comfortable in the hot weather and really get the most out of the warmer months! 

We know that you'll want to buy our superior men's thongs, because they combine the cool looks of a laid back, hot summer's day but feel like you're walking on clouds!

Staying cool and comfortable in the heat is easy with Homeyped’s stylish range of men’s thongs. Available in great colours, our men’s thongs are designed to give you the convenience and simplicity of a regular thong without the lack of comfort and support. This starts with the materials that are used. 
Our thongs are made from cutting edge, anti-fatigue materials, making them uniquely engineered to reduce tiredness and fatigue in feet and legs. They also provide support for your arches, improving your posture and making sure that your feet are aligned the way they should be. Our thongs have a superior sole design, and are engineered to provide durability and grip, which means that you’ll feel as though your feet are always firmly planted on the ground!  

Homeyped’s amazing thongs for men come are ideal for those with sore heals, sore arches, sensitive toes, sole pain, or bunions. They are designed to provide

  • 3 Degree support for higher arches to provide optimum stability and balance and promote a natural forward walking motion
  • A deep heel cup for rearfoot control and support to help prevent overpronation
  • A forefoot plantar cushioning zone, to help relieve fatigue
  • A dual-density sole, which is soft in the forefoot for added comfort and firm in the rear to provide stability and protection from heel-strike impact 

Our incredibly comfortable and effortlessly stylish men’s thongs are so good, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try them! There is no need to put up with heavy, sweaty sandals or inferior flat, unsupportive thongs when you have Homeyped. 

Homeyped's men's thongs are so comfortable and supportive, you'll want to wear them everywhere!

You don’t want to keep wearing the same old painful brand of thongs. You don’t have to when you can purchase a pair of incredibly comfortable and stylish men’s thongs from Homeyped. Our men’s thongs will provide you with all of the support and comfort you need, as well as look great on.

You’ll thank yourself when you buy a pair of men’s thongs from Homeyped today and experience the difference of our superior design and materials. If you have any questions or need help with your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer service members. 

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