Foot Health Week - Homyped Width Fittings

When purchasing footwear, the width is just as important as the length of your foot.

You should always cater to the longest toe of your largest foot and try to leave around a 1-1.5cm space so your toes can wiggle, flex and relax.

Shoe sizes can vary between brands but at Homyped, we base all our shoe sizes (women's and men's) on the U.S sizing scale, which is equates to be the same as Australian sizes.

Wide homyped footwear

Did you know that every Homyped style comes in its own width fitting?

Each Homyped shoe is designed to fit a specific width profile meaning that each shoe has its own width fitting.

Our width fitting profiles start from a Narrow fit through to XXX wide; simply look out for letters C (narrow) through to EEE (XXX wide).

Our styles are built to suit the width of the bottom of the foot as this is where the most weight is distributed when walking.

Our shoes are also designed with a range of features that can influence the size and fit.

For example, we create our shoes with adjustable entries and touch & close fastenings wherever possible, to ensure a secure and comfortable fit over and around the foot.

So, you could potentially be a narrower or wider fit in specific styles as, for example, a Sandal that comes in a C+ width fitting but has multiple points of adjustability may also suit a D fit (wide fit) as the fastenings are more accommodating to a wider foot. On the contrary, a lady who wears a C+ in closed shoes will likely always need this width fit. However, we always recommend visiting a nearby stockist to get properly measured and to try some styles on.

If you can’t get to a nearby store, then our downloadable Foot Sizing Chart is the perfect solution to print off at home.

We hope this helps and if you have any questions about our shoes, please feel free to contact our free phone number on 1800 331 143, anytime between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday AEST.


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Women’s Foot Sizing Chart: download here

Men’s Foot Sizing Cart: download here

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