Bunion Friendly Shoes

What is a bunion?

Bunions, referred to in the medical community as Hallux Valgus, are one of the most common forefoot problems. A bunion is a prominent bump at the base of your big toe, which over time can become inflamed and make it painful to wear shoes.

While it’s difficult to know the exact prevalence of bunions, according to orthopaedics360.com.au, around 75% of the Australian population over the age of 18 have bunions. That’s a lot, right?!

Analysis indicates two major emerging patterns:

  1. Bunions are most common amongst females.
  2. Bunions increasingly prevail as we age.

It is a common belief that bunions are apparent in people that wear ill-fitting shoes, especially ones that are too tight over the sensitive forefoot area. This is not to say that tight shoes alone will cause a bunion. However, tight footwear may be a contributing factor to discomfort and worsen over time, in people who continually wear tight shoes when they are developing a bunion.


What shoes should I wear if I have a bunion?

Depending on the severity, a podiatrist may provide shoe modifications, padding, or orthotics to relieve pain, while an orthopaedic foot surgeon may need to remove bony lumps or fuse the joint.

Currently, Homyped has over 80 styles that are carefully designed to cater to the sensitive bunion area. Podiatrist, Steve recommends checking those out, plus their adjustable shoes will also offer extra wiggle room and comfort for bunions.

Podiatrist top footwear picks for bunions:

These shoes are all designed specifically with a bunion zone 

Avril MidnightAVRIL Midnight

Avril, Available in Midnight & Black

C+ Width (Medium fit)

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DEVIKA BiscuitDEVIKA Biscuit

Devika, Available in Biscuit & Black

D Width (Wide fit)

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Dream, Available in Wine & Black

E Width (X Wide fit)

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