8 tips for healthy feet this winter

8 tips for healthy feet this winter

While our feet are often covered during the winter months, they shouldn’t be forgotten. Below are our top eight tips to say thanks to your feet this winter by giving them the love and care they deserve.

1. Keep feet warm

Wear protective shoes and slippers to prevent conditions such as chilblains. For extra warmth, add woollen socks. SHOP SLIPPERS

2. Ensure shoes are breathable

In decreased temperatures you need a style that not only protects your feet from the cold and rain, but that’s breathable as well to prevent over sweating or fungal infections. Try our Eco Protector Spray to repel water while allowing leather (and your feet) to breathe. SHOP SHOE CARE

3. Add some ‘spring’ to your step

Add extra support this winter with our Springs Footbed Inserts. We have two to choose from:

Springs Original Inserts recoil and expand with each step, supporting the natural movements of the feet, improving heel stability and reducing fatigue

Springs Carbon Inserts provide arch stability for those who need slightly stronger support, while increasing momentum and reducing pressure on the entire foot. SHOP FOOTBEDS

4. Wear supportive styles

The cold weather and rain can make the ground slippery, so it’s important to wear comfortable shoes that provide stability, great ankle support (to prevent twisting) and a strong grip. SHOP WINTER STYLES

5. Cater to length & width

When selecting your size, you should always cater to the longest foot and check there is no rubbing on the heel. Width fitting is equally important to ensure your feet have the appropriate amount of space and your arch is in the correct position. FIND YOUR PERFECT FIT

6. Support your feet at home

Going barefoot occasionally is a great way to let your feet breathe and stretch. But going barefoot constantly is a recipe for disaster. Without proper arch support, your arches may flatten over time, causing flat feet, and painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Even at home, great support is a must. SHOP SLIPPERS

7. Keep feet stimulated

Exercising in the right shoes is a great way to improve circulation in legs and feet. If you’re game, walking or running across the grass after exercising is a great way to stimulate your feet and provide protective mechanisms in your foot muscles. SHOP STYLES FOR WALKING

8. Cater to foot conditions

Homyped styles features various footbeds, widths and benefits to cater for all types of feet. Many of our styles also have removable footbeds, allowing you to customise them with your own orthoptics or our Homyped Footbed Inserts, which cater for common foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, and arthritis. SHOP FOOTBED INSERTS

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