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Extra Extra Wide Shoes

Homyped has footwear styles specifically made for a range of different foot widths, designed with extra comfort in mind.

This collection of extra extra wide shoes means that comfort can be part of everyday, even for those with a broader foot. Extra extra wide shoes for women and men to match any occasion; a long day of walking, the office, outings with friends or a casual day at the beach. A comfortable and supportive pair of extra extra wide shoes will be just the trick to feeling confident and get back to enjoying the things you love most. Find the best extra extra wide shoes including extra extra wide dress shoes, extra wide thongs and sandals and a collection of other styles designed with your comfort in mind.

Don’t give up your style, with the Homyped collection of extra extra wide womens shoes and extra extra wide men’s shoes you will always look the part. Ideal for those with a broader foot, your feet will be happy all day long with supportive and though-out designs made with a wide foot in mind. Creating footwear that provides support for improved posture, heel stability, grip and targeted cushion means you will never question sliding into your shoes before a long walk ever again. With anti-fatigue assistance and the ability to wear orthotics with all of your favourite pairs of Homypeds you can assure you will only walk in comfort from this step forward. A range of great built-in features with your feet, ankles and general well-being in mind.

Homyped extra extra wide shoes are the best extra extra wide shoes you’ll find! With soft step footbed technology, each step will feel like dancing on clouds. With non-compression material that conforms to your individual step, you will feed instant relief from fatigue and soreness in both the feet and legs. With subtle arch support and anatomical contouring, this collection of shoes will help gently realign your feet to improve posture and stability. Homyped is also the best extra extra wide shoes for sensitive feet or low arches.


Men’s and women’s extra extra wide shoes from Homyped are a great solution to uncomfortable, narrow or unsupportive shoes of the past. Designed intentionally with your health and comfort in mind, the extra extra wide Homyped collection has your individual needs in check. View our range online and find your perfect fit today!

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