Homyped has a range of shoe inserts and footbeds to support your feet; extension straps to lengthen the straps of your sandals; and shoe care to condition, polish, shine and protect your favourite shoes, sandals and slippers.

Our orthotic inserts help to guide your feet into alignment, structure and supportiveness to avoid discomfort, pain or further related issues. The Homyped collection of shoe inserts has a range of different benefits designed to suit different needs..

If you’ve never worn orthotics, they are medical devices worn inside your shoes to correct biomechanical foot issues, such as the way you walk, stand or run. Orthotic inserts can also help with pain in the feet caused by other medical issues such as plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis and more. Orthotic inserts are also great for ankle, leg and back alignment and posture.

Orthotic inserts should fit into your trainers, casual shoes and work shoes to ensure you get full support and structure in everyday life. Orthotic insoles are only as good as the footwear you wear them in, so make sure to purchase structured and well-designed footwear to wear your orthotics with.

The Homyped range of orthotic insoles Australia are made from a shock-absorbing material, such as the Osteo Care inserts, that provides heel to toe relief from fatigue and symptoms of plantar fasciitis. The osteo care orthotic insert provides moderate arch support and is suited to sensitive feet.

Podiatrist engineered for secure arch support inserts Australia, the Full Orthotic Insert and Regular Orthotic Inserts supports secure heel position and arch comfort. Designed with high quality, abrasion resistant material to prevent moisture build-up and avoid a build-up of sweat like some leather alternatives may cause.

Homyped shoe inserts offer a range of both wide and slim profile footbed inserts with full length comfort and pressure relief. Check out this range today and remember, supportive and professionally designed shoes for your wellbeing are the key to a healthier you.

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