7 Ways to Ease Foot Fatigue

The lead up to the holiday season is always a bit crazy, isn’t it?

From rushing around catching up with friends and family, to sitting at our desks finishing off our big project; making the most of each day comes with added pressure on our feet.

anti-fatigue shoes

Fun fact: Around 40 percent of Australians will experience some form of foot problems in their lifetime (Source: Australian Podiatry Association Vic.).

Heel to Toe Tips

We have some heel-to-toe tips to keep your feet happy and healthy this holiday season!

Fresh feet:

Keep feet feeling fresh by washing them daily in warm soapy water then dry them well with a nice soft towel. Don’t forget to dry between the toes to avoid moisture build up.

Moisturise your feet:

Varying temperatures can play havoc with our skin. Show your feet some TLC by moisturising them with a good quality foot cream to help avoid cracked heels and dry skin

Get active:

Gentle exercise will help improve circulation in the legs and feet. A nice beach walk is a great way to get moving and bask in the outdoors

Don’t ignore foot pain!

Our feet carry us around all day and are a vital part of our overall health and wellbeing. Ongoing foot pain can be an indication of underlying injuries or foot conditions. If you see any changes seek advice from your local GP or Podiatrist.

Wear the best shoes for your foot type:

If you have a bunion, foot condition or abnormality then always ensure your footwear has the specific design features you need for the most comfortable wearing experience.

Regular wear:

Wear your shoes regularly for best use and to avoid deterioration.

Relax your feet:

Being on your feet all day is tiring so give your tootsies a break! Try elevating your legs to reduce any swelling and tiredness.

How will you be relaxing over the holidays?

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